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Handling timezone and DST changes with Python

by Alexandra Yovkova
Jan 20, 2022
Working with dates, times, timezones and daylight saving times is never straightforward. In this article we explore how to account for all of that, using Python.

Improve your Django tests with fakes and factories: Advanced usage

by Martin Angelov
Dec 13, 2021
In this article, we do a deep-dive into Python's faker and Django's factory_boy, to show advanced usages that can improve the quality of your tests.

Building GraphQL queries with Python

by Ventsislav Tashev
Jan 6, 2020
In this blog post, we will be focusing on building GraphQL queries with Python. I will guide you through the steps for building a complete GraphQL query, along with pagination and filtering (using Relay mechanisms).

Testing a Django third party application with pytest and tox

by Vasil Slavov
Sep 16, 2019
If we have a Django application and we are ready to release it to PyPI for others to use. But we need to make sure our manual tests are actually translated into automatic ones.

How to deal with cases mismatch between Django and React

by Martin Angelov
May 31, 2018
In this article, we explore how to deal with the casing mismatch between the JavaScript world (using camel case) and the Python / Django world (using snake case) using neat mixins, in combination with Django and Django Rest Framework.

Underscores, dunders and everything nice

by Pavlin Gergov
Dec 4, 2017
We’re going to talk about underscores, dunders, encapsulation, and magic methods in Python.

Improve your Django tests with fakes and factories

by Martin Angelov
Aug 22, 2017
In this article, we show how to up your Django testing game, by using fakes & factories.

Mock Everything

by Martin Angelov
Jun 30, 2017
In this article we explore the python mocking library & how this can help us write better unit tests.

Handle errors from third-party apps in Celery & Django

by Martin Angelov
May 29, 2017
Almost every Web application needs to use some third-party software. The problem we usually have to deal with is that third-party apps, like every other app, can return an error. The following article is going to show you how to handle those problems in a nice and neat way in Django with Celery.

Integrating a "production-only" Google Analytics in Django

by Radoslav Georgiev
Apr 24, 2017
In this post we are exploring how to integrate Google Analytics in a Django project in a configurable way, so we don't track page views & clicks while developing locally.