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HackSoft is a software development company that provides end-to-end solutions for building your product.

Our approach is to provide a delegated team of full stack developers, working on a specific software project. We handle project management & communication as well.

One of our core values is to ship quality software to production in a timely fashion.

We know how to maintain the hard balance between having the code shipped to production & actually having a long-term maintainable project, where everything is not one big mess.


Become “The Solutions Company”, to which businesses come to get things done.
Be a family for everyone working in the company.


Provide a holistic approach to software development – from communication, to project management & project leadership, to development.
Be more than just an outsourcing company. Be a trusted partner for our clients.
Be a great place to work where people are inspired to be the best they can be.
Ship high quality software.


Freedom and Responsibility

This is not a typical software development company. We have more freedoms but they need to be matched with a certain amount of responsibility.

Growth Mindset

Strive to be better in the things you do.

'Get Shit Done' Attitude

Sometimes you just need to do the work. Take action, make a call, move forward.

Long Term Thinking

We are playing the long game. Some things won’t happen fast. Some things will yield their value over time.


Leading proactively is the way to become better and to lift up everyone around you.

Mutual Respect

Don’t be an asshole. Respect your peers.

Balance. Manage your health and stress

Know when to push & know when to rest. That’s the balance.


Might be daunting but has a great positive long term effect.

Walk the extra mile

Always do one thing more and watch the effects accumulate.

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Your development partner beyond code.