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Open source

Open source is what enables us to build high-quality software in a productive manner.

At HackSoft, we prioritize open source projects as they empower us to create exceptional software solutions efficiently. Our commitment lies in actively supporting and contributing to the development of open source projects. 

By harnessing the power of open source, we ensure the delivery of top-notch software that meets the highest standards of quality.

How we support the open source community

At HackSoft, we believe in the potential of open source initiatives and actively contribute to their growth.

One of our key commitments is to support Django and Django Rest Framework by making monthly donations to their funding, aiding their continuous evolution and enhancement. This act of support reflects our deep appreciation for the dedicated developers behind these frameworks.

On a local level, HackSoft proudly engages with the open source community. We have and continue to participate in the biggest Bulgarian open source conference, OpenFest, as corporate sponsors. Our team of experts has given talks in numerous conferences and meetups, spreading the knowledge we've accumulated throughout the years.

Furthermore, our commitment extends to freely sharing our insights. Through our blog posts, we shed light on challenges we've faced, along with the solutions we've discovered. These resources are readily available to all, embodying our dedication to the open source spirit.

Django Styleguide

The Django Styleguide is, perhaps, our biggest contribution to the community.

Django is at the core of our development tools. Over the course of time, we acquired a lot of knowledge and wisdom, from building tens of Django apps - both big and small.

This is how the Django Styleguide was born. It is an open source project, outlying best practices for building Django backends.

And to this day, we try to keep it updated.

Check the Django styleguide

Django Styleguide Example

The Django Styleguide Example serves as an example of our Django Styleguide, where people can explore actual code & not just snippets.

We also use it as a place for all code examples from our blog articles.

Code snippets tend to decay & we want most of our blog articles to be up to date. That's why we place the code there, write tests for it & guarantee a longer shelf life of the examples.

Check out the Django Styleguide Example
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