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Software development is a complex process and it’s important to get things right.

Our approach can be condensed to 3 general points:

  1. Understand the important stuff first – What problem are we solving? What are the short term & long term goals? What are the priorities? Are we the right partner for our client?
  2. Create a team & structure a process – both for communication & software development.
  3. Iterate and adapt to change.
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When it comes to software development, we provide end-to-end solutions, including:

  1. Backend, frontend & mobile development, with primary focus in Python, Django, JavaScript & React.
  2. Quality assurance, with primary focus on automated testing.
  3. Devops, with primary focus on AWS.

Proactive Development

We help our clients build a better product, by not just working as a software engineers, but also proactively asking questions & proposing ideas that can make things better.

For us, this is inseparable part of the software development process and we do it “by default”.


Best Practices

We take pride in the work we do. In order to guarantee quality of development, we follow the best practices & guidelines in our industry.

We even go one step further – we create styleguides for the community and support open source initiatives.

This is the way.