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Building beautiful loading states with React Loading Skeleton

by Daniel Goshev
Nov 16, 2021
In our work as web app developers we want to present the users with appealing loading screens while we are fetching data. In this article we'll be implementing a simple version of the "skeleton-screen" approach.

Building the HackConf 2021 Streaming Platform

by Daniel Goshev
Nov 3, 2021
An overview of the process of building the streaming platform for HackConf 2021.

Dealing with image CORS error in Chrome, Chromium and Edge

by Kamen Kotsev
Apr 1, 2021
In some cases, we can hit a CORS error when we load images with crossOrigin="Anonymous". It usually happens in Chromium, Chrome or Edge.

Quick and Dirty Django - Passing data to JavaScript without AJAX

by Radoslav Georgiev
Jan 25, 2021
A quick & dirty approach for passing data from Django to JavaScript, without using AJAX.

Split your Webpack configuration for development and production

by Martin Angelov
Nov 29, 2017
In this article, we’ll explore how to split your Webpack configuration to have different settings for local development & for production deploys.

Your first Webpack

by Martin Angelov
Oct 31, 2017
In this article we go step by step in setting up a webpack configuration, starting from an empty directory.

Pretty and the JS

by Pavlin Gergov
Oct 23, 2017
In this article, we’ll explore how to setup automatic prettier check on your continuous integration server, so that everyone on your team will follow the same frontend styling.
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