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Software Development

Software Development

Managing dependencies with Dependabot and GitHub Actions

by Martin Angelov
May 31, 2022
All of our projects have external dependencies. It's a good idea to keep them up-to-date. In this article, we'll show how we do it, using dependabot and GitHub Actions.
Software Development

How we build software

by Radoslav Georgiev
Feb 14, 2022
For clients, software development might look like a very exotic ritual. That's why, we want to shine a light on the entire process & explain what's happening.

Building the HackConf 2021 Streaming Platform

by Daniel Goshev
Nov 3, 2021
An overview of the process of building the streaming platform for HackConf 2021.
Software Development


by Radoslav Georgiev
Aug 16, 2021
In HackSoft, we evaluate how a project is going by observing if the team is in “rhythm”. In this post, we go into depth about that.

Using multiple font files the right way

by Kamen Kotsev
Aug 27, 2020
Multiple font files for a single font can lead to a messy css if you don't know how to use them as a single font-family definition using @font-face.
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