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From Wireframes to Final Product: How HackSoft Provided Custom Software Development with Django for a German Energy Sector Company

Aug 2018
The Solution
Django Consulting & End-to-end Custom Software Development
The Project
A platform, consisting of a backoffice system and a client-facing portal, for an energy sector company. The platform is effectively used to manage and run the core product of the company.
The Review:
"Their team works extremely quickly and they have an open, easy style of communication."

A German energy sector company was looking for a company that had expertise in Django, to help them with a quick consultation, about their existing platform.

They reached out to HackSoft, and after we provided the initial consulting, the company was very pleased with the professional approach and decided to establish a long-term partnership with us, to effectively help them build the entire platform.

HackSoft was an active participant in the ongoing product discussions that eventually led to the development of the entire platform.

With our expertise in end-to-end software development, we helped our client with not-only software development, but also DevOps & UI development.

The Challenge

The main challenge was figuring out how to integrate the various bits and pieces of the system, into a single, cohesive platform, that can be used for both back-office management and user-facing portal.

The platform required a lot of engineering since the integrations were not trivial and large amounts of data were involved.

On top of that, this had to be synchronized with the ongoing product development and feedback from existing clients.

The Solution

HackSoft tapped into their end-to-end software development experience and leveraged the power of Python and Django, to help the client build the platform they needed.

We helped implement the backend, set up the infrastructure, and managed the various deployment pipelines.

We were working closely with our client, in order to integrate various time-series-related data in the platform, while also thinking about the scalability of it all.

Results and Feedback

The platform was successfully running in production, only a few months after HackSoft stepped in to help.

They’re very professional and their approach meshes well with our own. Our requests are met in a timely manner, and often completed quicker than expected.

- The CTO

After that, HackSoft continued working with the client, growing the partnership, and continued delivering exceptional results.

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