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From Prototype to Production: Building a Healthcare Startup's First MVP Web Application

Feb 2022
The Solution
End-to-end Custom Software Development
The Project
MVP for a healthcare progressive web application.
The Review:
"HackSoft was extremely professional and they were quick in reviewing the project scope."
Mallika Adarkar
CEO and Founder, Carederly

Carederly is a healthcare startup founded to provide a new way of approaching elderly care. It aims to improve the quality of life for patients and their families by providing easy access to information and services.

Mallika Adarkar, Founder and CEO, turned to HackSoft, as we specialize in custom end-to-end software development, including both web & mobile applications.

She had heard about HackSoft from her technical advisor, who is a CTO at another European start-up. He had familiarity with our work through the Django community, where we are active contributors.

The Challenge

Carederly sought to develop an MVP progressive web application, to test its business idea.

Being a startup, it was very crucial to have enough software flexibility, in order to adapt and pivot based on ongoing user feedback.

On top of that, there was a need for a lot of product discussions before a certain set of features went to development.

The Solution

Leveraging the power & maturity of Django, combined with the agility of React, HackSoft managed to deliver on the expectations of the client.

Their work output during initial interactions demonstrated a high level of attention to detail, speed, and flexibility, which set them apart from other vendors.

- Mallika Adarkar, CEO and Founder at Carederly

We were committed to supporting the code base for several months after delivery, ensuring it was bug-free, without charging a support fee.

The project scope involved developing a Django backend to be consumed as an API by a React frontend.

The team identified rough milestones and feature sets to meet, with a level of flexibility to pivot based on ongoing user feedback.

We used Slack, Google Docs, Whimsical, and Trello for project management, and we communicated through weekly video calls as needed.

We were in constant communication with our client, making sure we are giving feedback on the product, while also being aware of the next set of priorities that need to be developed and shipped to production.

Keeping a higher level of quality was also important, that’s why we provided quality assurance support from the very early days of development.

Results and Feedback

We delivered a stable MVP with a solid foundation that Carederly could build on. The code was easy-to-follow, well-organized, and followed standard practices. Carederly valued the thought partnership the team provided.

From speaking with other founder friends who worked with external development agencies, I realized that this team provides exceptional client service.

- Mallika Adarkar, CEO and Founder at Carederly

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