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Building an Assessment Tool Via Chatbot Interface: HackSoft's Custom Software Development Solution for Adaptai's HR-Tech Startup

Jul 2019
The Solution
End-to-end Custom Software Development
The Project
A MVP of an assessment tool for an HR startup. The solution uses a chatbot interface and generates instantaneous reports from collected data on a dashboard.
The Review:
"We were impressed by how simple and un-complicated they made the process."
Ross Thornley
Co-Founder, Adaptai - AQ Assessments & Digital Coaching

Adaptai is a HR startup seeking a proactive solution to build an assessment tool via a chatbot interface.

The company needed a technical system that would enable them to validate their business proposition and concept, raise investment, and establish early market traction.

They were looking for a software development partner, who would be flexible in approach, solution-focused, and able to build and develop a working solution. HackSoft was a natural fit for that, so we jumped right in.

The Challenge

Adaptai was faced with the challenge of building a chatbot interface assessment tool and collecting data to display instant reports and dashboards of the insights in a graphically pleasing way.

Additionally, the tool needed to have a customer experience and admin setup for company benchmarking report analysis.

Adaptai needed a vendor who could build a working assessment and reporting tool for their soft launch event in London and support them in rolling out their beta program to 50+ companies and 5,000 employee assessments.

The Solution

After careful consideration and referrals, Adaptai selected HackSoft as their vendor.

HackSoft formed a team that was able to build and develop a working solution from a very loose brief. Their commitment enabled Adaptai to complete the project successfully.

The technical system enabled Adaptai to validate their business proposition and concept, raise investment, and establish early market traction.

Results and Feedback

As a result of the first MVP build, Adaptai was able to roll out the beta program and attract partners such as IBM, GSK, HSBC, and many others to take part.

"This will enable us to seek further investment and no doubt will play a significant part in our future success." says Ross.
"We were impressed by how simple and uncomplicated they made the process. Felt like they were part of our team, not just suppliers delivering a project. They thought of ways to improve and were super responsive to enhance the solution as we learned more during early testing and feedback."

In conclusion, Adaptai validated their business proposition and concept, raised investment, and established early market traction.

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