The Faces of HackSoft - Martin Angelov

Martin Angelov
Jul 15, 2020
Categories:Company Culture
Behind any successful company, stands a motivated team. This week we would like to introduce you to Martin Angelov.

It's time to meet you with Martin Angelov. He's a passionate software developer, but he's also very active and busy with a lot of other activities. Some of them are teaching at HackBulgaria "Programming 101 with Python" course, doing sports, dancing Bulgarian folk dances, cooking, organizing team building events, and so on.

Martin tends to be one of the most active and extroverted people in the team. It's never boring with his sense of humor and loud laughing.

More about his story and advice on how to become a good software developer read in the interview.

Can you tell us more about yourself?

I'm Marto - a 25 years old proud member of the whole Hack-community.

I've been working at HackSoft for nearly 4 years. I took part in two big projects during that time - with TheCollective and OfficeRnD. I'm a senior developer, and I've started leading a small team recently.

Why are you at HackSoft?

Well, that's an easy one. Apart from the great team and friendly atmosphere, the main reason I'm at HackSoft is that the company values have a really clear projection on my own ones.

What's your hobby?

I can't say it's a hobby. I'm a very active person. I love doing sports, working out in the gym, or going sightseeing with friends in our beautiful country.

Last year, I went to a Bulgarian folklore dances lesson, and it turned out so amusing and enjoyable. I dance at least 2 times a week.

What are your favorite technologies?

I love things being simple. With that in mind, my favorite technologies are Python and React.

What's the motto that motivates you?

It might be a really common one, but "Never give up!" perfectly describes me as a person.

What makes you proud to work at HackSoft?

We truly trust each other. Everyone is ready to help with 100% altruism. The 0%  toxicity in the company is something I'm definitely proud of.

What is your daily routine as a software developer?

As I said, I like simple things. This applies to my daily routine as well.

I work out before and after work (if possible). After that, I usually meet with people (my girlfriend or friends), and we have dinner together.

What helped you become a better software developer?

Becoming a better software developer is not a goal or a task - it's an infinite process, a way of life. You have to ground for this with every new problem you need to solve. Understanding this very early in my career helped me a lot.

What's the most important piece of advice you would like to pass to the junior developers?

Find a place where you feel trusted, and respected and you'll definitely love what you do. Never stop learning and grow your mindset!