The Faces of HackSoft - Anton Nyagolov

Teodora Georgieva
Jan 21, 2022
Categories:Company Culture

It's time to introduce you to Anton Nyagolov. He is one of the newest HackSoft team members who joined us in 2021.

He is part of our software development team and he's always willing to help his colleagues. Although he joined us in just a couple of months, he has become an important part of our team. He is eager to learn and grow and he's showing impressive results in the project he is currently working on.

Can you tell us more about yourself?

Hi, my name is Anton (Tony) and I have recently graduated from QMUL with a bachelor's degree in Computer Science. Almost a year ago I moved back to Bulgaria after spending 7 years in the UK. Since my graduation, I have been working for HackSoft as a junior developer using Python (Django) and JS (React).

How do you level up your software skills every day?

Currently, a lot is going on in the project that I work for. When I encounter a difficulty, I try to understand why something has happened and what can be learned from it rather than just fixing it and carrying on with another task. As a matter of fact, my colleagues have greatly contributed to the improvements in my software skills.

Additionally, I read different documentation related to the technologies that I currently work with in my free time. After that, I try to create different use cases where I can apply practically everything that I had read this day.

Why are you at HackSoft?

I worked with Django in the last two years at university so I decided that after graduation I would look for a job as a Django developer. Luckily I found HackSoft just before graduation. The technologies and services that the company employs seemed interesting to me and I liked the company's vision, values, and how they fit with my perceptions of the “perfect workplace”. At HackSoft I am working with experts in the field from whom I can learn and who will encourage me to pursue new and difficult challenges on a daily basis.

What is your hobby?

My main hobbies are photography and traveling. I appreciate exploring new places every now and then and I enjoy capturing moments while seeing things from a new, different perspective through the lens. Apart from my main hobbies, I like video games, good music and learning about different cultures and their cuisines. I am also a huge meat lover, god, what I would give for a nice medium-rare sirloin steak or lemon and herb grilled chicken wings. 🙅🙅

What are your favorite technologies, and why?

I accidentally came across Django in my second year of university and since then it has been one of my fovourite technologies. The reason for this is the simplicity and speed it gives you to go from prototyping into a fully operating system and the high-level API that provides. Another technology that I had the chance to work with recently is React. Having developed a few projects with Django and jQuery I really liked React because in my opinion it is based on simple programming languages and it is extremely flexible when it comes to UI elements manipulation and state.

What is the motto that motivates you?

“Vision without action is just a daydream.”

Name three HackSoft values that fit your personality?

• Growth mindset

• ‘Get Shit Done’ attitude

• Mutual respect

What don't your colleagues know about you?

I love grilled lemon and herb chicken wings so much, that I once consumed 17 pieces of Nandos wings in 10 min. 🙅🙅

What was the last thing you learned at work?

We are currently going through a big project refactoring and redesigning and it is very insightful to see how each of the aforementioned is done in iteration. Apart from the technicalities in the development process I also learned how to think in advance, communicate effectively, fix unexpected bugs and follow a plan. In my opinion, those are crucial skills in the software development process that every developer should know.