On supporting open source - the first steps

Radoslav Georgiev
Jun 5, 2017
Categories:Company Culture

As a solutions company we use open source tools, languages and frameworks every day. It is an integral part of what we do and how we do it.

One of the core values at HackSoft is about open source. We want to support, contribute, and create open source.

Of course, doing all three is hard & there are no shortcuts. That’s why our strategy is to start small on all fronts and then – iterate & grow.


On the “supporting open source” front, we became a professional monthly sponsor for Django Rest Framework!

We are using Django Rest Framework in all of our projects and we love the work of Tom & his contributors. We are also looking forward trying the new apistar framework made by Tom.

Things like supporting Django and other open source creators, whose tools we use on daily basis, are in the pipeline. If HackSoft can do that, we are going to be extremely happy!

A quick update

We sponsored the Django Girls Fundraising Campaign with the biggest donation level – $300. It’s pretty awesome that the campaign managed to get all funds & even something on top of that!

Alongside this, we decided to sponsor (with $300) the development of Requests v3 – a library that we use in every project that we do.

As we continue to develop our strategy for sponsoring open source projects, we’ll continue updating this blog post.


On the “creating open source” front, Ivaylo, our CTO, blogged about the cookiecutter-django-ansible project that we use for generating ansible code to deploy our projects.

The project itself can be found here – https://github.com/HackSoftware/cookiecutter-django-ansible.

Another project that we are proud of and are using for our academy a lot is our grader – https://github.com/HackSoftware/HackGrader. We use it to automatically test students’ solutions in our courses.

And the latest project we’ve worked on and is getting famous is our Django Styleguide. We’ve collected our knowledge about how we use Django in this Styleguide.

Still, there’s a lot to be done. We will make sure to pin the interesting things in our organization repository.


On the “contributing to open source” front we are doing small steps – fixing the usual typos in READMEs and actually improving documentation & examples here and there.

A good thing that happened recently is that we filed a bug to Django that got fixed quickly and released in 1.11.2!

There’s a lot to be done here and we are going to put the effort of contributing more to open source.

As our efforts towards open source increase, we are going to blog more often about that. Maybe even create a page on our website.

Until then – if you are using an open source project on a daily basis, consider supporting the creators!