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On supporting open source - the first steps

Radoslav Georgiev
Jun 5, 2017
Categories:Company Culture

As a solutions company, we use open source tools and frameworks every day.

Open source enables us to build high-quality software in a productive manner.

That's why, at HackSoft, we are committed to both supporting and developing open-source projects. And since we are here for the long run - we are doing this in small steps, putting effort consistently.

Here are the open source projects we’ve been working on and supporting for the past 8 years.


So far, we’ve put 12 000 EUR forward in sponsoring various open source projects. Again, we are conscious that this support is never enough and that’s why we are expanding our financial commitment every year.

We are proud to be one of the sponsors of the Django Software Foundation.

Also, we’re a professional monthly sponsor of the Django Rest Framework!

We sponsored the Django Girls Fundraising Campaign.

We sponsored a local PyCon event -  PyCon Balkan, in 2018.


Django Styleguide

A few years ago, we decided to aggregate our combined experience from various projects, in a styleguide, for building Django applications.

This is how the Django Styleguide was born.

This is a comprehensive styleguide, describing how we approach building Django apps.

Additionally, we have an example project, with various tips & tricks included.


We’ve been doing small steps into the contribution part - fixed some typos in READMEs and helped to improve documentation, for example you can look at this GitHub repository and this as well.

Earlier, we filed a bug to Django that got fixed quickly and released in 1.11.2!

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