The Faces of HackSoft - Ivaylo Donchev

Ivaylo Donchev
Jul 7, 2020
Categories:Company Culture

Welcome to our weekly “The faces of HackSoft” series! Every week, we talk with someone from our 19-people team to show you who they are and why they choose to be part of HackSoft.

Ivaylo Donchev is part of our development team, currently involved in an exciting project about monitoring and control of off-grid systems with embedded software. He is a huge fan of IoT and DIY culture. How does Ivaylo's day at the office look like? Read in the interview.

Can you tell us more about yourself?

I'm Ivo. I've been working at HackSoft for nearly 4 years and a half ever since it was a startup company. I've been involved in two big projects. One of them is a CRM / Property Management System for managing co-living spaces in the UK.
The other one is a system for monitoring and control of off-grid systems with embedded software.
At work, I use mainly Python and JavaScript for development, and my dev setup is Linux OS + Vim + Tilda.

Why are you at HackSoft?

The short answer: because of the people in it.
The longer answer: I believe that every company is as valuable as the people who work in it.

At HackSoft, I've met friends who are both excellent professionalists and good people. In the long term, that's really important, and it reflects on the work we do and the quality we deliver. Our work requires us to be in front of the screen, but at the end of the workday, we know that people are those who matter, that’s why I am in the company so far.

What's your hobby?

Traveling and driving. My best way to take a rest and order my thoughts is by traveling. Also, when I have some free time I usually go out with friends, read a book or go swimming. My latest "hobby goal" is preparing for a 5km open-water swimming this summer.

What are your favorite technologies, and why?

Python and Javascript.

I've tried various languages and frameworks, while most of them have been in production. I feel most comfortable working with Django and React for web development.

Vim is another tool that I like and use daily - I've spent many hours to tune it and make it do the "heavy-lifting" part of the coding work.

What's the motto that motivates you?

I like the idea that our life is made of all the decisions we've made in the past - the place we live in, the friends we keep close, the crazy moments, the mistakes, the opportunities - and the responsibility for them are only ours (and that's how it should be).

If we have the right mindset, we will have the freedom to make the right decisions for us, which are going to make our lives better. In this context, my motto is, "Freedom is a state of mind."

Name three HackSoft values that fit your personality?

  1. Freedom and responsibility
  2. Mutual respect
  3. Long term thinking

What is your daily routine as a software developer?

That's how my daily schedule usually looks like:

⏰ 8:00 Wake up.
🚶 9:30 Go to the office.
☕ Get a coffee and browse the daily news.
👨‍💻 Start working - coding (~60-70% of the time), brainstorming, reading documentation to learn new things, communicating with clients.
📚 After work, I spend about an hour to read something new.
🍸 For the rest of the day, I try to have more offline activities, with less social media. I use my phone only for talking and chatting with friends.

What's the most important piece of advice you would like to pass to the junior developers?

Setup your editor - it's your workspace and you'll spend most of your time there, so you should keep it clean and tidy.
Learn shortcuts, macros, tricks, and anything that'll make your coding easier and faster. Coding is just a small part of the job, and it must be something you don't waste time with.