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HackSoft's 9th Birthday Giveaway

Iveta Petrova
Feb 3, 2023
Categories:Company Culture

As we announced in HackCast's season 2 finale, it's Giveaway time! āœØ

This February, HackSoft is turning 9!

For this occasion, we want to celebrate with you and give away some special prizes. šŸ‘€

Rules to participate

1. Subscribe to HackSoft's YouTube channel and make sure you click on the bell šŸ”” & that your subscription is public (so we can see you).

All previous channel subscribers (all 314 of them) are already eligible and you don't have to do that step!

2. Watch one of our new videos.

Videos starting from 15th of August, 2022 onward. The EuroPython vlog being the first video that's eligible.

3. Like that video & write a comment, telling us what you think about it! šŸ’¬

We are going to be looking at comments from the 1st of February, onwardā—

4. You can participate from every corner of the world šŸŒļø

Do all of the things and you are eligible for our giveaway šŸ„³

The prize

Since we are turning 9, we will be giving away 9 Amazon Gift Cards, each worth 50 EUR/USD šŸŽ

And if you happen to win one of the prizes, our suggestion would be to pick up a programming or software development book on Amazon, as there are many great options available āœØ

The 1000 subscribers prize

Now, if we manage to reach 1000 subscribers, we are going to give a special 10th prize!

The special prize we've prepared is a brand new Das Keyboard 6 Professional āŒØāœØ

The draw

For the draw, we are going to pick 9 lucky winners, from all unique subscribers, matching the criteria above.

And if we reach 1000 subscribers before our birthday on Feb 28th, we will draw a special 10th winner, from the entire pool (meaning, you can win a gift card AND a special prize!)

End of the giveaway

You can participate until February 27th, 2023, EOD.

The winners will be announced live, on HackSoft's YouTube channel, on Feb 28th.

Good luck! šŸ€

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