Python and Django are our bread and butter and our go to choice for web development.

We even go one step further and actively participate in the community:

  1. Sponsoring open source initiatives.
  2. Creating open source libraries.
  3. Maintaining the Django Styleguide.
  4. Sharing Django knowledge in our blog.

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Read our latest Python and Django articles:

Quick and Dirty Django - Passing data to JavaScript without AJAX

by Radoslav Georgiev
Jan 25, 2021
A quick & dirty approach for passing data from Django to JavaScript, without using AJAX.

GitHub Actions in action - Setting up Django and Postgres

by Radoslav Georgiev
Jan 6, 2020
In this article, we go step by step setting up Django & Postgres on GitHub Actions.

Improve your tests in Django with fakes and factories

by Martin Angelov
Aug 22, 2017
In this article we explore how to improve our Django tests using fakes & factories, generating random values & model instances.

Handle errors from third-party apps in Celery & Django

by Martin Angelov
May 29, 2017
Almost every Web application needs to use some third-party software. The problem we usually have to deal with is that third-party apps, like every other app, can return an error. The following article is going to show you how to handle those problems in a nice and neat way in Django with Celery.

Integrating a "production-only" Google Analytics in Django

by Radoslav Georgiev
Apr 24, 2017
In this post we are exploring how to integrate Google Analytics in a Django project in a configurable way, so we don't track page views & clicks while developing locally.

Optimize Django build to run faster on GitHub Actions

by Ivaylo Bachvarov
Aug 13, 2020
Optimize build time for a Django project running on GitHub Actions. A couple steps for faster tests and smoother workflow.