Our Team

Radoslav Georgiev

Rado is our CEO and one of our senior developers. He's doing a lot of Python / Django & JavaScript development.

In his spare time he loves learning  and trying functional programming languages, such as Haskell.

Ivaylo Bachvarov

Ivo is one of our CEOs. He works mostly with Python and Django. He likes Linux and making DevOps work!

He is keen on home automation. In his free time he likes playing with Raspberry pies and Arduinos.

Kamen Kotsev

Software Developer

- Scala, Java, Python, CSS, JS, C++
- Functional Programming, Machine Learning, Maths

Pavlin Gergov

Pavli is a physics graduate with high problem solving skills. He is most fluent in Python & JavaScript and considers Emacs to be the best text editor.

He's a huge FC Barcelona fan and prefers his whisky to be of age.

Ivaylo Donchev

Ivo is Python developer in HackSoft. He uses Django as primary tool for developing web applications.

In his free time he loves to drive,  playing tennis, spend some time with friends or assemble some gadgets.

Krasimira Badova

Cooperative with colleagues, focused at work and cheеrful with friends, that's Krasi.

A junior Python developer, she is still green at Django, but she loves her work and does it with passion.

Alexander Nadjarian

Alex is a Python developer in HackSoft. He writes back-end code with Python and Django.

In his spare time he loves hanging out with friends. He enjoys playing football and tennis and going hiking.

Antonia Yordanova

Tony is our Marketing manager. We highly appreciate her organizational skills - she is behind all of our events.

She loves to spend her free time listening to jazz music and dancing to it. She likes to read books and sometimes she even likes to write. 

Martin Angelov

Marto is a Python developer and he works mostly with Django framework.

Lately, he is into front-end development with Angular-2.

In his free time, he is a basketball official. He also loves spending time with friends and working out.

Slavyana Monkova

Slavyana is a Python and Django developer.

She works on the HackBulgaria related projects of the company and is one of the tutors for the Python Course in there.

Vasil Slavov

Vasil is a full stack software developer who uses mainly Python and Django.
He also uses JavaScript for his frontend development, but his heart belongs to the snake.                                                                                                                 

Dimitar Kotsev

Dimitar is an ex System Administrator with passion for open source technologies and especially Python. His primary tools are Python and Django. He joined our team after he has spent 10 years in pension insurance business in Bulgaria.