Our Clients


Hopper is a new kind of travel company that uses big data to empower travelers.

The Hopper app for iOS and Android analyses trillions of past and current trips to predict when you should fly and buy.

The app notifies you when fares drop so you can book flights at just the right moment. Hopper is among the fastest growing travel apps ever, with over 10 million installs since it was launched in 2015.

Hopper Data Gathering

Working with Hopper's team, we're developing LCC data gathering for Low Cost Carriers in Europe and South East Asia. The Hopper backend directly connects airline hosts, GDSs and third party providers.


The Collective are a new kind of property company. They create innovative co-living and co-working spaces for the creative and ambitious.

Co-living management system

Working with The Collective team, we developed a co-living management system to help them expand the capacity & productivity of their sales team.

The system connects a lot of integrations together and combines the data flowing in and out

Django Python PostgreSQL React Redux

Keymono empowers full service real estate agents to build better client relationships by establishing superior business practices.


HackSoft is the tech team behind Keymono!

Together with them we managed to create great software that handles the needs of every real estate agent in the US. React and Redux came just in place for a powerful single page application that connects agents, buyers, sellers and photographers. 

Python was the right tool to combine all third party integrations that we needed. All of the business logic was carefully tested to guarantee agents' smooth journey. 

Django React Python PostgreSQL Redux

HackBulgaria is a hacker-school based in Sofia, Bulgaria. HackBulgaria is doing courses to prepare students for their first job as an intern or a junior developer.

Grader (Code running system)

The Grader is a stand-alone, API-based system which is used by few other systems in HackBulgaria.

Given some code and some tests, the grader will run that code against that tests in an isolated environment and will return the result.

It supports two major styles of grading:

  • Against unit tests.
  • Against predefined in and out files (ASM style).

The languages supported, so far, are Java, Python and Ruby.

The project is open source and can be found here.

Docker Django Ansible Python PostgreSQL

Hackathon App (for HackFMI)

In order to make the annual HackFMI hackathon easier for organizers (HackBulgaria) and competitors, we created an Angular 2 single-page app to manage the entire thing.

Key features are:

  • You can manage your team from the app - create one, invite other team members, update idea description & GitHub repository.
  • You can pick mentors, that can help you during the hackathon, from the app.
  • On the other side, there is a mobile-friendly public view for mentors to see which teams have picked them & help them navigate to their rooms.
  • You can list yourself as "looking for a team".

The backend system is Loki and we are using web sockets to give the app real-time feeling. When someone invites you for a team, you will get the notification right away.

The project is open source and can be found here.

Learning Management System (Loki)

The learning management system, called Loki, is in the heart of HackBulgaria's courses.

The system handles courses, students and teachers and integrates other systems, used by HackBulgaria in one place.

Some of the key features are:

  • Supporting both student and teachers.
  • Automatic student presence checking & calculation.
  • Organizing & accessing materials & problems for a given course.
  • Submitting solutions from students for automatic grading, using the Grader (see below)
  • API for handling hackathons by the hackathon app.

The project is open source and can be found here.

Django Ansible Python PostgreSQL React Redux

We could not resists making this recursive. We are clients of ourselves.

HackSoft Website

Our website, using Django's Wagtail as CMS, mixed with Django's cookie-cutter.

This project is open source and can be found here.

Django Python Django Wagtail