How we work


We create software solutions for your business that simply work.

What we do

Projects from scratch

We provide end-to-end software solutions for your business.

We try to be as agile as possible with short feedback loops & sprint-based (5 or 10 days) planning.

Testing & Continious Deployment play a big role in the way we develop software.



Need a prototype shipped within the ever closing deadline? Need a proof of concept?

We can do that for you.

Using Django as the "The Web framework for perfectionists with deadlines" we can deliver fast prototypes.


Django Consultancy

We've done plenty of Django & Python web development. If you find yourself in a big project, that's a bit messy & needs a fresh set of eyes to help clean things up - we can do that for you.

Ping us if you need Django & Python consultancy.

The Process

  • Book a meeting

    Drop us an email with more details about your company and project.

  • Discussion

    We meet, in person or via video-conferencing, to outline what you would like us to do. We discuss baseline project parameters and go over functional and technological possibilities.

  • Planning

    We assemble the necessary skill force and produce an action plan for your project.

  • Development

    We start the cycle. After all, doing software requires some development ;)

  • Test and Fix

    We rigorously test the product and fix any bugs.

  • Deployment

    We love continuous deployment and your project will be deployed from day 1. Staging & production - the whole story.

  • Development, Testing, Deployment

    Rinse & repeat. Good software requires a lot of iterations.